A New Focus

Last year I decided I wanted to do something positive in my life and in the life of someone else and I used the date that I was mugged as a kind of marking point, but this year that changes.

The day I was mugged did not change my life. I was the same person the day after I was mugged as I was the day before as the day of. I was scared, defenseless, dependent, unprepared, limited…

The day I decided to buy a gun and learn how to use it, that is the day that changed my life. I went from being a victim to being a willing advocate for my own life. I now had choices. I had options. It was the start of me seeing myself as an ally as opposed to a liability.

This giveaway is not about gun ownership (which is cool by itself). It is about trying to help empower a woman to see herself in a new and powerful light and it is about encouraging her to take positive steps in her own life to help her be more free, more in control, more peaceful, more safe.

I struggled a bit with who to include in this giveaway. I believe with everything in me that everyone has a right to defend their lives against a mortal threat. I am fully in support of children and men getting training. I believe that you are foolish to stop training after a class or two. I am a big, big, big proponent of continued training, but for me the healing began with the very first class. This giveaway is as much for me (I am selfish like that) as it is for the recipient. For whatever reason I find great comfort and peace in giving my money to a woman who is taking that often scary first step.

It is for that reason that this giveaway will be for women, over the age of 21 that have never had formal firearms training before. Please enter with this purpose in mind.

February 3 I will announce the full details and gift package. I am looking forward to meeting all of you fabulous women who are ready to be their own advocate.




12 thoughts on “A New Focus

  1. Wow, another chance to change a woman’s life for the better. I know that winning your contest last year did that for me. The training money that I won got me started in the right direction and I am not stopping. Even though the training money has been spent, I still continue to train. I have a class scheduled for next Saturday and one in March. The class description says that once those classes are completed, you are ready to shoot in an IDPA match. I haven’t decided if I want to do that but I will have the skill to do so if I choose. Once you post the details, I plan to link your page to my FaceBook page so I can get the word out about this wonderful opportunity. Thank you once again my friend.

    • Before each giveaway I say a little prayer and I ask that whomever is chosen that they will utilize the gift as it was intended. You are such a shining example. You are brave and kind and an inspiration. I am so thankful that our relationship has developed into a friendship! I am beyond proud of you!

  2. Aww, man… just took my first installment of Basic Pistol on Thursday or else I’d qualify! But I’ve got a few friends I can encourage to enter. :)

  3. I have my hunter safety card but other than target shooting out in the woods with my .380, my only gun experience is hunting and killing deer.
    Sounds like a great giveaway.

  4. I took 1/2 of the Ladies Basic Pistol class. I was too scared to take the rest of the classes. I am not giving up though. I just sent in my application to join the gun club. There are classes I can take there, and hopefully I’ll get over the bad case of nerves! (I HATE being such a wimp!)


    • You my friend are no wimp! Facing our fears is a challenge we all deal with. those that give up are robbing themselves of a wonderful gift, but those that continue to faces them and work towards overcoming them are an inspiration. Good for you for persevering!

      I wish I had video tape of my first class. It was mere days after I was mugged and I was absolutely terrified. I was shaky and emotional. I took minutes between shots. I was always the last shooter on the line and it is no exaggeration to say I often stayed there for 5 minutes or more on a 5 shot drill.

      I so respect those who understand the awesome responsibility gun ownership is. There is no need for fear as we control the tool, but to have such respect for the tool is admirable. I wish that I could be there to help you on your journey. If there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate(I have friends too, maybe some in your area)

  5. You have such a generous heart. What a blessing this will be for some lucky lady. And who knows… perhaps one day they’ll be able to pay it forward, just like you do.

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