Conversation With Arete

Texting this morning with the badass dude I call Arete. Much chit chatting about this and that and something that led this…

A- Good veins mean you have good circulation. Never a minus on that.

Me- Pretty healthy and fit. Not bad for a middle aged broad.

A- Well for a middle aged broad as you put it, you got great gams. TSM is lucky.

Me- As long as TSM is willing to stick with me then I am the lucky one.

A- Yeah. Your safe there. Plus you like guns.

Me- I do like guns, but I try to keep that on the downlow.

A- Hmm, well then we really need to work on your presentation because that big ass truck with your goofy smile and Colt kind of defeats your goal.

Dang, I thought I was being so subtle.

15 thoughts on “Conversation With Arete

  1. Hehehehe. I would really love to meet Mr. ArĂȘte. He sounds like my kinda guy.
    And oh yeah- that is a bad ass truck!

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