After I read JD’s post this morning I emailed several people. Among them were a group that asked me to participate in a local blog shoot and had planned to raise money for Wounded Warriors. I also emailed Jonn over at This Ain’t Hell, But you can see it from here. I was very curious to know what he thought since he associates with so many veterans, many of whom are/or were wounded. I let him know my stance which was, I wasn’t sure for the reasons I mentioned in my last post(although my email was much shorter).

Then I posted on my AGirl Facebook page and then my post here. The group that is doing the blog shoot decided not to support WWP. Jonn emailed me back a very nice response and stated his opinion. I didn’t share that at first because it was not a public opinion, but he has posted over on his site. What he says there is essentially what he said to me. He didn’t respond to my second email, but the folks over there do not seem to be that upset about the Wounded Warrior stance. However, there are many, many vets that are angry and have said so on the WWP Facebook page.

I was reminded that when I was asked about doing a fundraiser for WWP, I said that I would prefer we raise money for someone else, but I would not object to it if they decided to go with WWP. My only objection was that it not be an anti-gun, anti 2nd Amendment organization. I was not sure from the original information that the Wounded Warrior Project people were in fact anti 2nd Amendment, but after more research it is clear the head folks are at the very least cowards on the subject.

Anyone who willing tries to limit the freedoms of law abiding citizens and shares opinion that put gun owners in a bad light is not a group I will support in any fashion.

I was convinced reading some of the messages left on the FB page. Things like…

“Oh, you will take money from gun shops and gun groups, but you will not be seen with them in the light of day”

“So, you trust veterans to fight for this country, but you don’t trust them once they are out of uniform. Unacceptable.”

Not to mention all the comments left here..

Thank you all for your thoughtful, honest comments. I always appreciate the straight forward dialog on my blog.

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  1. It’s the hypocrisy that caused me to go separate ways. As I’ve stated several other places, and which was paraphrased up above, Wounded Warrior Project has never turned down money, funds, donations, trips, gratuities or publicity from pro-gun entities and individuals while solidly and firmly employing an inflexible position about NOT being associated with, in any way, with such groups.

    I knew a few hypocrites when I was in the service. Most had cushy REMF positions and stayed in only because nobody in the private sector would have them. Vets know of these career slobs I speak of.

    No surprisingly, these were the same REMFs who would throw everybody else, including their own, under the bus if it saved their own butt or offered any glimmer of favor for themselves.

    Somebody at the VFW told me they call them Bravo Foxtrots now.

    To say I’m disappointed in WWP is an understatement. On the other hand, it HAS caused me to do a great deal more research into ways my wife and family can continue helping our returning veterans.

    Such is the silver lining.


  2. I will reserve judgement until I hear more. I wouldn’t make my decision based on some corporate PR writer, or a bunch of bloggers. I mean what do they know? 🙂 It’s important to take into account WHERE the money goes and WHO it helps. Not wanting to put their logo on a gun doesn’t make them anti 2A. That rule is not restricting anyone’s Constitutional rights.

  3. I found it irritating but my main concern with regard to them and the shoot is very simple – i want to get some wounded warriors and/or vets who can’t afford to go shooting an opportunity to have a good time at the range without having to worry about the expenses. The primary charity for this event is Fight like a Girl in any case and the primary purpose is to raise money for them while presenting new shooters, especially the ladies, with an opportunity to learn and have a good time. But as a veteran myself of the Iraq war I just can’t bring myself to plan, or help plan, an event like this without finding some way to include our fellow service members.

    • Very well said. You are indeed a stand up guy! Wasn’t sure how much to reveal about who and what was planning the shoot. Didn’t want to drag anyone in on something they didn’t want to be dragged in on:)

  4. Old NFO,


    My wife is a retired PR executive from a Fortune 20 company. She read their release and “explanation.” Conclusion? They basically said, “Keep sending us money while we figure out a way to better dress up our public communications to continue fooling our benefactors.”

    A retired O-6 at the VFW read it and was incensed at their statement on not taking a stance, “either way” on the Second Amendment. He pointed out that EVERY veteran swears an oath to the Constitution and that Constitution contains the Bill of Rights which contains the Second Amendment and that vets take a stance by their VERY SERVICE to protect and defend those amendments.

    The fact that WWP refuses to take a stand on one amendment while flaunting another (the First) deepens the appearance of purposeful hypocrisy.

    I’m just so damned disgusted with them that I can’t hardly see straight.


  5. I did take a moment a write to them to express my displeasure and maybe show them the error of their ways by pointing out the power the gun community has through things like Kilted to Kick Cancer, and more recently the fundraiser for Tam.

    We are a relatively disorganized group that still has managed to raise quite a bit of money for good causes and I pointed out to them that all the people involved and participating are gun owners.

    I got a nice form letter back asking me to send money.

  6. “Fight like a Girl”

    I like that. Can I go shoot guns and raise money for them?

    Keep us informed as the plan comes together.

  7. I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching this today, and the more I read about it the less able I am to “reserve judgement” as I noted in my previous comment. I was hoping for a quick, and sincere, backtrack. What I saw wasn’t sincere. If someone from WWP goes on Gun Talk and talks about how they were wrong, I’ll reconsider. If they go on Gun Talk and give the equivalent of an obama press conference, I’ll remain unconvinced.

  8. ATTN: Leslie A. Coleman
    Public Relations Director
    Wounded Warrior Project

    Ms. Coleman:

    Given Wounded Warrior Project’s recent “coming out of the closet” in regards to gun-manufacturers, gun-organizations and guns in general, and compounded by an Obama-like non-response response to legitimate inquiries and direct questioning about WWP’s all-take and no-give relationship with the gun industry, we are foregoing our generous annual Christmas donations to WWP.

    As a veteran myself, my stance on the Second Amendment while I was in uniform was that I swore an oath to the entire Constitution and thus, there was no “stance” about it. I offered up my very being in defense of our rights–ALL of them.

    For WWP to weasel out of that under the guise of “suicide” does a tremendous disservice to every veteran since the founding of this nation. We will re-direct our contributions and donations to more worthy veterans’ causes that are more in line and supportive of the very Constitution we all swore to protect and defend.

    J.D. Kinman
    Dallas, Texas

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