Fun Day

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. TSM and I lounged around in bed for far to long reading, drinking coffee and playing WWF. Our kids were snuggled in with us reading and messing with the new pup, Wesson. Around 10ish he and I headed to our local range where we stalked ran into MSgt B. We were there about an hour or so where we all got to shoot my new Shield.

We did not like it. The trigger on mine is very ratchty. No biggy. That can be fixed. I love the size and the feel and the sights althought bulky are ok.

I was finally able to get to the register first and pay for another gunnies range time. These people are generous and quick, but this time my hubby got up there and we worked it our. Of course MSgt B could not handle the gesture so he said let me buy lunch. We all headed to a little Indian restaurant my man picked out. Oh my, oh my was it delic and the portions HUGE! I brought more than half home, MSgt B took about half of his home. TSM ate every bite of his. For a fit guy he can eat a lot.

Normally we buy a service member a meal on Veteran’s Day(we do it other days as well), but since we got treated, we could not. On the way home we bought a Thank You card and a Visa gift card(I do this often), wrote a little note and placed it on the windshield of what we hoped was a service member. We went to the parking lot of Applebee’s, found a little car with military stickers and a uniform inside.

After all that we were still home by 2ish. We spent the rest of the day watching football and other various things. TSM did schoolwork with the youngest while E and A helped me make treats for a special someone. For dinner I made yummy rice and beef bowls and I was in bed asleep by 930.

The kids have school today and the man has to work, so my son and I are headed out to meet some fine Patriots for a day of tossing lead down range. They will be teaching me how to shoot Eleanor. As you can imagine I am more than thrilled.

I am still receiving a lot of emails and FB messages about being prepared. There are two more blogs I would like you to check out for good solid, easy to follow ideas.

Senior’s Mess and Tales From The Clothesline. Remember these two have been doing this for a while. I am going to keep saying again and again. Do not panic or feel behind. The point is to get started. Any thing you do is good. Do not let fear or being overwhelmed keep you from trying. Pick a reasonable goal like food for a month or 3 and then add to that supplies like lanterns or alternate cooking methods and pick one new skill to learn. Then work on expanding each of those. Typically after an event like a mugging, a divorce, a health scare or a natural disaster people get woken up, declare to become proactive and then get overwhelmed or discouraged and never follow thorough. Do not be that person. I am no where near where I need to be, but I am a heck of a lot farther along than I was 20 months ago. You can totally do this!!

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    • Absolutely! I had to get one on the M&P as well. You would think Smith & Wesson would care more about making a quality pistol right out of the box. Goofy!

  1. DAng, that’s cool, leaving that card on the windshield. Applebees is DEFINITELY the place to find service members on Veterans’ Day! They have a free entree for active/former military, and they run that all day long (unlike other restaurants who’s name I will not mention, but who’s logo involves a chili…theirs was lunch-hours only). Mrs.Alien and I went there for dinner last night, and it was like walking into a VFW or American Legion lodge. Total strangers talking to other strangers in the booth across the aisle, discussing their service; folks with disabled vet hats getting the royal treatment (as they should); lots of good-natured jibes thrown between services (if you haven’t served…don’t try this. You’ll just bring the wrath of all servicemembers within hearing down upon you…). It was awesome! Had an older gentleman stop by my table and said “nice to see another bubblehead”. Took me a minute to register, turns out he was another submariner! Our rates were almost the same (he was an ET, I was an EM)….small world! Yeah….Applebees is DEFINITELY the place to find vets on Veterans’ Day!

  2. Urgh I still haven’t even seen a Shield in person to hold one. I look every where I go nada. I told Kirk that if we did find one or saw the Springfield XD-S again that were buying them.

    You and your husband are true blessings. The world is better having you and people like you around!

  3. Sorry I missed it, flying back from Texas… and yours is NOT the first comment I’ve heard about those triggers… I bought a couple of folks lunch over the last few days 🙂

    • Me too Old NFO. Never enough time to spend with people that matter:(

      Glad you blessed some folks with lunch. It’s nice to have a way to show appreciation. Especially cool when it comes from another Vet, I am sure.

  4. MSgtB is just SO much fun. EJ and I got to meet he and his wife for a meal and beers last summer. We’re hoping they will come back, I figured offering to make cake might work better than stalking, but let me know if he has a preference. 🙂

  5. I *love* the card idea! I’m going to steal it 🙂

    Sounds like a good day and I hope you had a blast with Eleanor today.

  6. That was a grand time. I really needed that recoil therapy, and lunch with you guys is always fun.
    Too bad about the Shield. That trigger sure did feel wonky, I hope you can get it smoothed out.

    Dood. You ran Jayne down to ‘E’ and had to pull into a gas station….
    Stalker level: N00b

    • Well, I know who I can’t trust. Thanks for dimming me out. But, since you gave me that super cool sticker, I will let it slide.

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