Very Well Said

I am just gonna print this out and hand it to every person I see. Ok, not really, but it’s pretty inspired.

Thanks Zercool for the link.

7 thoughts on “Very Well Said

    • I haven’t read them either. I have heard of him because of MSgt B, but I haven’t met him, talked to him or read his books, but now I understand why he is popular.

  1. I assume you are referring to Correia’s response? The hyperlink takes us to the commenter’s reply. I especially like what Correia said about those voting on “principle” and Tea Party candidates being closest to Libertarian candidates in ideology. He’s right. I’d like to see the Tea Party grow into a viable Third Party.

    • Odd it goes straight to his post for me and my husband.

      I don’t know what I would like to see, but none of it will matter if the American people continue to have this mindset. Yes, Romney was a piss poor choice, but it wold not have mattered because the nanny state thinking is so ingrained in their minds. Most folks either think it is right to take from others because they think they are being compassionate or they are flat out lazy.

  2. I really love Larry’s books and can’t reccomend his blog enough. He is the master when it comes to going off on idiots and Liberals (or is that redundant?).

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